Alex Kinderman Summer 2018 Blog

by Alex Kinderman, September 21, 2018

As a whole, this past summer has been about learning new things, getting out of my comfort zone, and ultimately evolving as a person.

In the beginning of summer, I had the opportunity of being a camp counselor and RA for the KCT Summer Camps. It was an awe-inspiring experience being able to mentor and look after so many bright young minds that share the same passion for food I do. Watching these kids and guiding them was a new experience for me as I had never been any sort of counselor before. Nonetheless, I am glad I took the job as I felt reignited by their passion and as a culinarian I have really woken up this summer.

I am grateful for receiving the KCT scholarship as it has given me the chance to have the bit of extra time from work to volunteer in amazing food events over this summer. My favorite event I volunteered for, by far, would definitely have to be James Beard Awards. At James Beard I had the opportunity to work with Rick Bayless and his private events Chef Rishi Kumar with plating up a five course meal for over a hundred guests in the VIP section of the event. I also got a sneak peak of the event and saw amazing chefs speak on stage like Dominique Crenn, Jose Andres, and many others. I felt so empowered and proud to be a part of the culinary world that night especially being around so many great chefs I look up too.

Over this summer I also got to stage for the first time at Terzo Piano. I was definitely nervous to stage before but going in not knowing anyone or even what to do at first is not as scary as it seems. I worked with an amazing team and chef that guided me along the way and taught me many things from making cappelletti all the way to homemade sriracha. I was even offered a job my first day there! This experience has definitely given me a boost of confidence and I am looking forward to stage in many great restaurants and explore the unique food scene that is in my hometown Chicago.

Overall I believe this summer’s experiences have helped me to grow as a student, a leader, and overall as a culinarian.

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