Maheen Sohail Summer 2021 Blog

by Maheen Sohail, September 1, 2021


Two butterflies fluttering by. One monarch and one blue butterfly. With the smells of trashcans and an old tire shop lay a room full of paint. Not painted walls but blank canvases ready for art. Art with soul, with flavor and bones.
As I entered the kitchen of Elizabeth, prepared for my stage, I got welcomed by a warm smoky coconut flavor. I was asked to help with the prep before the service. Their menu is 12 courses long, each of which add not just the flavor but a new perspective to an overall story. Elizabeth is a one Michelin star restaurant located in Logan square. It is owned by Chef Iliana Regan who brings the tradition of farm, forage, and homestead in her restaurant.

We did 32 covers that night and their dishes are mainly focused on enhancing the fruits and vegetables.

They also have their garden with which they experiment different dishes with. I enjoyed how the executive chef before the service went and harvested hazelnuts, blackcurrants from a nearby kitchen garden.
Overall, it was a great experience, one where I connected with the food deeply. I’m grateful to have opportunities as such because KCT has enabled me to continue my degree at Kendall College.

Smoked Maitake
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