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What does it take to succeed in the culinary and hospitality businesses? Ambition. talent, and a willingness to work hard. And above all, it takes training and education.

Many students need assistance in opening doors to find that training and help to cover the cost of that education. They have the talent and ambition, and the desire and willingness to work hard. But they need our help to make it a reality. That’s why we provide much-needed educational opportunities to economically disadvantaged students.

Where do we get the money to do that? We have an endowment, and earnings from that endowment go to funding these programs. Foundation for Culinary Arts (FFCA) is also supported by funding from grants and private donors including individuals, corporations, and foundations

In addition, there are a number of fundraising events and activities to help supplement the continuation of the endowment.

To ensure our next generation of culinary students complete their goals of a quality education, they need our help. And we need your help to continue to make their dreams a reality.

Please consider getting involved monetarily, as a mentor, or as a volunteer.

How to Get Involved



Please consider making a gift today to help provide funding to culinary students. We’ve made it easy to follow your heart and give. Either mail a check to us, payable to Foundation for Culinary Arts, or click on the “donate” button to make a donation online through PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Be sure to include your address so we can send you an acknowledgement letter with the receipt you will need to deduct your gift.

Your gift will help more students get the education and training they need to do a great job wherever they choose to head out, in Chicago or anywhere in the world their passions take them.



Whether you are looking to get involved in great events that help raise funds for educational opportunities for students, or you are interested in becoming a mentor for an emerging culinary or hospitality professional, Foundation for Culinary Arts has an opportunity for you.


Host An Event

Looking for a way to help the Foundation for Culinary Arts provide valuable resources for students? Host a fundraising event and make a difference in providing much needed funds to help educate the future leaders of tomorrow in the industry.

From community walks to golf outings, the opportunities to support the vital mission of the Foundation for Culinary Arts are endless.



We rely on our partners and sponsors to further and continue our programming efforts to bring more educational opportunities to students who would otherwise not be able to complete and extend their educational goals. We are very thankful to our partners and look forward to adding more like-minded organizations.