Sibgha Malik Summer 2021 Blog

by Sibgha Malik, August 31, 2021

Out of many things that I learned this quarter, one of the most beneficial experiences has been doing a stage experience at the Verzenay Patisserie. I went to Verzenay for a stage a few weeks back. Not only did I come back with a great experience, but I also learned many skills, such as how to warm a batch of buttercream appropriately or how to make large amounts of batters without making mistakes.

If measuring a few teaspoons of ingredients is difficult to keep track with, then spreading the quantity measured out in the mixing bowl can help you keep track of it. If I have to bring a batch of ganache to room temperature, instead of putting it out hours before, I can warm 1/3 of it and mix it with the rest of the batch.

Another instance, if I have to color a batter pastel or light color, I could dye a small batch with a minimum amount of color and mix it slightly with grey, and then I can add this amount little by little to the rest of my batter. I do not overcolor my batter, and I can control what I want the color to be. All these incredible skills and tricks will be beneficial to me when I start my career as a pastry chef and work in the industry.

These are the reasons why this particular stage experience has been a fantastic learning curve for me. I love gaining skills from different chefs and kitchens, and this is why I want to do various stages all over Chicago to gain as much as I can from this wonderful city.

featured photo: Pistachio macarons with white chocolate ganache

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