Natalie Sorensen Winter Blog 2021

by Natalie Sorensen, March 21, 2021

During this winter term I have been able to immerse myself into the depths of fine dining. I was thankful to have the opportunity of being in Chef Kang’s fine dining course. Within this course I was able to experience the beauty of fusion cuisine. I found the mixture of flavors to be extremely influential. This gained knowledge pushed me to excel within my craft by experimenting with new techniques. Not only was this motivational but aided me in taking chances within the culinary field.  With that being said, I had the lovely opportunity of staging at Temporis with Chef Troy Jorge. It was an absolutely eye opening and inspirational experience.

I was stunned by their artistry and scientific creations. While conducting this stage I was able to learn a variety of new plating techniques and knife skills. In fact, I was even asked to help plate on the line as service took place. I walked away inspired and with a fresh outlook on fine cuisine. Fine dining can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but this was my favorite interpretation thus far. I look forward to where the culinary field takes me next. With more experience will come more inspiration.

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