Lillibeth Renteria Summer 2019 Blog

by Lillibeth Renteria, September 6, 2019

This summer quarter has been a very difficult quarter here at Kendall. Our class went straight into wedding cake class to sugars. Long hours and difficult assignment really took a toll on me but I kept going to put my best work out there. I know my goal for my internship and for after graduation is to continue working with wedding cakes. So many details and techniques go into one cake, yet having the freedom to design the cake has been so much fun. I took the liberty to make different designs for my cake assignments and see what I can really do.

We had two projects for my last two classes. In weddings, I designed a four-tier cake that was dark and not traditional at all. I made all the gum paste flowers (roses and carnations) and covered it in gold. It was so great coming up with something different. I even made my goal to have my cake in the case in the Kendall restaurant so everyone could see. The other project was for sugars, which was a sugar sculpture inspired by the devastations of the Amazon. It was amazing to see what sugar can become and how hot it can truly get.

Both projects taught me lots of techniques I can use in the future later in my career. I am so happy both projects came out amazing and I can’t wait to learn more as another quarter begins.

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