Mahsum Aksoy Summer 2019 Blog

by Mahsom Aksoy, September 6, 2019

This quarter, I have felt more like I am professional because I had fine dining class which is exactly the same as working in a restaurant. Some day you get your order and feel pressure about it because there are some allergies and you have to figure it out what can you substitute with the allergic item. Also, 6th block practical exam and written exam were tough. You have 3 hours to finish your practical, and you have to manage it on time, you do not have any extra time for mistakes. Every minute is one point from your grade. Another one is the written exam, which is 300 questions, and you have to have 227 points to pass. It is all about from 1st block to 6th block.

On the other hand, before I came to this country, I had many negative thoughts from people around me, even my family. They disagreed with me going to America to study culinary arts. I have always wanted to show them how I am fit with this business, and I can be successful. Also, I have got a lot of recommendations from the chef, and I got an internship at one of the upscale hotel group, which is The Peninsula Chicago. I did also stage there on Mother’s Day, and it was a good experience for me. Since I have got the KCT scholarship, I got more confident and focused on my studying more. It just pushes me more and be on my chest to my family to show them I can be successful.

I have learned many techniques at this school. As I said, I felt more like I am in the real industry during my classes. I have stayed here from 6 am to 6 pm for six days, and I was going to my home only for sleep. My house was like a hotel for me. I had only one day to do all my outside works. It has just prepared me for all the hard work I will have when I start working after graduation.

Overall, it was a fantastic 6th block at this school, and I have got to learn more stuff in the future.

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