Lillibeth Renteria Winter 2020 Blog

by Lillibeth Renteria, March 17, 2020

This quarter, I was able to do my internship at Walt Disney World in Florida. I got to work in a great location, Boardwalk Bakery, and learn some new skills from employees who have been at the company for years. At this bakery, we sold breakfast pastries to cupcakes to sandwiches. It was so nice seeing the guest get excited when we opened the ovens and got to smell the different cakes, we were making that day. My responsibilities were different each day, but I got to work with some employees who had been there for a short time to 25 years. Most didn’t have professional training but that didn’t stop them from getting the job done. I really enjoyed what I was able to learn in school and translate that to my everyday work, and teaching my fellow co-worker little tricks here and there.

With working in a great location, on my days off I got to go visit the parks for the first time. I was able to go to Magic Kingdom and ride some of the rides, watch parades, and eat some amazing pastries. Since every park is different, every bakery is too. I was able to try a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo cake, an almond cake with a lemon mousse and blueberry compote carriage. I hope to have more treats next time I visit with my family and have them try whatever I was able to try.

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