Laura Marcela Murillo Fall 2021 Blog

by Laura Marcela Murillo, December 3, 2021

During this fall quarter, I was pursuing my sophomore internship, and at the same time, I was working on my capstone project. I have to say it was very intense doing both of them at the same time. There were days I thought I would give up or wanted to cry. But I’m happy to say I did not give up, and at the end of the day I culminated my internship and capstone project.

I decided to do my internship at Bar Goa, a new coastal gastropub in River North. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working there. I was able to rotate from different job duties, which allowed me to gain experience and new skills.

On the other hand, as I mentioned previously, I was working on my capstone project during this Fall quarter. My teammates and I chose to create a resort and spa proposal for our project. We decided to locate our resort in Montana because people want to visit areas with enough outdoor space since we are in post-pandemic time. Additionally, we named our resort Sapphire Resort & Spa because sapphires have been recognized as the state’s gemstone since 1969, and sapphires are the most popular gemstone of Montana. This project took a lot of effort and dedication, but my teammates and I did an excellent job working on this project. We also won the best mocktail at the showcase, the most collaborative team, and the second-best showcase bite.

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