Maheen Sohail Fall 2021 Blog

By Maheen Sohail, December 1, 2021


As I entered the kitchen of Elizabeth, prepared for my internship, I got welcomed by a warm smoky coconut flavor. Their menu is 12 to 15 courses long, each of which add not just the flavor but a new perspective to an overall story. Elizabeth is a one Michelin star restaurant located in Logan square. It is owned by Chef Iliana Regan who brings the tradition of farm, forage, and homestead in her restaurant.

I was inspired to write a piece for my experience.


The restaurant named after a sister
To treasure the bond
A place where ingredients come to life and ideas born
Where 5 men hold the fort with their head high and their techniques strong
To cherish the bounty
Hazelnuts cracked proudly
We speak without words
Our actions speak louder
The city full of foreigners
The hymn of the coolers
The smash of the glass
That breaks every night
By our beloved staff
Salivating feast for our family meals
Tobacco lit, breaks the deal
Bitter moldy and peppery tastes
Discovered new flavors base
Count the snowflakes
To know our cooking histories
Minute details reveal the mysteries
More salt and acid to achieve a victory
This industry
Filled with collective synchronicities

I am grateful for the opportunity I have been able to gain.

Smoked Maitake
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