Samir Shivlani Summer 2019 Blog

by Samir Shivlani, September 4, 2019

I finished Capstone this quarter and I learned a lot about the financial part of running a hotel. This is very interesting for me because I want to start a career in the Revenue Management part of the hospitality industry. During my time at Kendall I learned a lot in my finance class with professor James Condon and in my Hospitality related classes with Professor Michael Krause. They helped me a lot to prepare myself for what to expect at when I enter the industry.

Revenue management is the hub of a hotel with all the departments, analyze trends and doing forecasting which I enjoy doing. To be successful you don’t need to be a great mathematician you need to be good and communicative with people. By doing Capstone at Kendall, I learned how to work as a team which is challenging and prepares you for the industry. You will have to work in a team when you have a real job, and this really prepares you for it.

When we presented our final product at the showcase it was a great opportunity of meeting key players and investors of the industry. This really helped me. I met hotel owners which gave their business cards and tips for the future in my career.

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