Emily Megan Gjothlen Summer 2019 Blog

by Emily Gjothlen, September 2, 2019

Summer quarter has been a great end to my education at Kendall College. I have completed all of my classes, including the big Capstone Project and will be starting a new adventure into the hospitality industry next quarter. I will be completing my final internship and Optional Practical Training at The Langham Hotel Chicago starting in September, and I could not be more excited.

The summer quarter has been a great end to my Kendall College education experience, where I have achieved the completion of Capstone with my group. Capstone was a challenging project, but also a very educational one which I am proud to have completed, with me and my group creating a business plan for our Catering and Events Company, D.I.M.E. I believe that the biggest educational aspect which I learned from this project was the importance of team work and how to efficiently work within a team. Team working skills is essential to have in the hospitality industry, and I am happy that I received this chance to work on mine.

I am grateful to have received a great education which has allowed me to follow my passion.  Kendall has taught me how to be successful in the hospitality business, and now it is up to me to put this knowledge into action.

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