Emily Wooten Spring 2018 Blog

by Emily Wooten, June 18, 2018

Unfortunately, this is my last blog post, and I will be starting my last quarter at Kendall College this summer. I have been pursuing the Culinary Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Baking and Pastry and I can’t believe I am almost done. It has been a short three years, but great ones at that. I have thoroughly enjoyed and am very glad that I chose to go to Kendall for my degree program. The classes have been invaluable, rich with knowledge, and I have learned and gained so much experience through the classes here. One of the many reasons I wanted to continue a Bachelor’s, here at Kendall, was to get the chance to go through the Capstone class. I am halfway through the class and it has been totally worth it. It is the best class to culminate all of the knowledge we have learned at Kendall and put it towards a realistic project where we can be creative. With all of this being said, I am so thankful for the Kendall College Trust supporting me on my journey here. With their help, I have been able to further pursue my passions at Kendall and learn so much more than I thought. It was a pleasure to meet and work with the committee! I encourage new students to take advantage of this great opportunity to work with Kendall College Trust!

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