Gabriela Garcez Kramer Spring 2018 Blog

by Gabriela Garcez Kramer, June 11, 2018

On my last blog post I was still searching for my senior internship, and I said that I had no idea in which direction I was headed, or what the future had in store for me. Well, you’ll be surprised! Today is Monday, June 11th, and the start of the last week of my internship, and I’m currently typing from my work desk…in NYC! Who knew right? Coming to the Big Apple to intern was definitely not on my plans, but I have to tell you, what an AMAZING experience!

I got to intern with an events agency called Sequence Events, and they are so great, recently named a “Top 50 Event Agency” internationally by Special Events Magazine. Being in New York and working with clients such as American Red Cross, Women’s Bond Club, Lego, LinkedIn, etc, was just surreal! I have learned so much, and gained knowledge that I will for sure bring into my career in the near future (I can’t believe that I am graduating next week, pinch me!).

I’m grateful that I had the chance to take on this opportunity and move to NYC for the quarter, and I am happy that I had the courage to just do it!

As always I am so thankful for KCT for allowing me to live my dream. In just a few days I’ll be holding my Kendall College diploma and proud to say, “I did it”, thanks to this scholarship. Happy Graduation Class of 2018!

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