Alycyn Fox Winter 2018 Blog

by Alycyn Fox, May 5, 2018

Since my last post, I have switched from studying to working at my internship at Swissotel Sydney. I have been working in the bar for about a month and I have already learned so much. My best friend that I met at Kendall also studies at Blue Mountains and works in this hotel, so my shifts have not only been knowledgeable and enlightening but also a great amount of fun. I have met so many new people and worked with several different types of managers. I feel that it is shaping me into a better leader without even being in a supervisory role. This company hired me knowing I had no cocktail bartending experience and taught me everything from the beginning. I am hoping to be cross trained and learn more about this hotel, make connections and hopefully transfer to Swissotel Chicago in September. This has been an incredible opportunity for me that I would not have been able to explore if it were not for Kendall College Trust.

Work, school, and social life are all so completely different in Australia compared to the U.S. I am happy I have been able to experience this lifestyle. Living here made me realize I can do anything I set my mind to. There are really no limits. I know a lot of people back home who were astonished at my choice to study abroad, and so many who said they wish they could, but they can. I am happy I decided to live here for a year. It really opened my eyes to see opportunities I never dreamed possible.

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