Sokha Chen Winter 2018 Blog

by Sokha Chen, April 1, 2018

There are various ways of learning new things in every quarter; yet the feelings for each quarter are completely different because there are quite a few things that I noticed for each season. For instance, during the Winter, I acknowledged that many people have complained about the cold, snow, or storm. But honestly, it is my favorite season because I can enjoy doing personal things at home or go out to make a snowman. I really liked winter as it was a great quarter at school with competent professors, and I was able to make some new friends from various countries.

Furthermore, I have learned so much in the winter, as my sister and I had a great opportunity to attend the International Fashion Show at Kendall. Making new friends is always the best way to expand my networking and to understand my surroundings better each day. Therefore, the International Fashion Show has taught me to become braver, stronger, and more capable with things I need to do; such as working on a stage, which I have never done before. Everyone thinks it is easy, but actually it is not. The feelings of being frightened when you are on stage, walking in front of many people is really hard. There were combinations of nervousness and excitement during the walks while my friends cheered for me.

To me, it was incredibly amazing and memorable because I was so proud to walk on stage, representing Cambodian traditional clothes and a chef’s uniform. Modeling Cambodian clothes was always my dream because I wanted to show the world and audiences how beautiful they are. It was the most exciting experience I have ever had.

Last but not least, I hope to attend more activities at school to further cultivate new techniques and a better understanding of the Hospitality industry. Also, I would like to say special thanks to the Kendall College Trust Scholarship that has helped me become a better person and has supported me in so many ways. Without the help of KCT, I would not be here today.

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