Quan Huynh Spring 2021 Blog

by Quan Huynh, June 14, 2021

This Spring term was an interesting journey for me. I started off looking for a job for my Sophomore Internship just 2 weeks before the term began. Knowing that the industry was making a comeback and the demand for hospitality workers was high, I applied to many positions at many different Lettuce Entertain You’s restaurants, where I had always wanted to have my first internship experience at and ended up getting hired at Hub51, where I worked as a host for my internship experience. During 10 weeks of the term, I had to try my best to manage my time for the job, along with working on my Capstone project, which both together gave me a heavy workload, and I still completed all my duties perfectly at the end.

What a journey! It was not too long, but there was a lot to learn. I had great experience working for a big company, which I had to go through multiple professional interviews, intensive training sessions, and lots of challenges at work to catch up and improve my skills. Besides that, Capstone provided me a good vision on how a business project would look like in the professional world.

Just one last term in the Fall and I will be saying goodbye to Kendall College. Until this point, I am confident and well-prepared for my Senior Internship and ready for the real world after my graduation.

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