Emily Wooten Fall 2017 Blog

by Emily Wooten, November 29, 2017

My name is Emily, and I am in my ninth quarter at Kendall College with the help of the Kendall College Trust. My first six quarters were of the Baking and Pastry Arts Associates Program, but now, I am continuing in the Culinary Bachelors program. I finally officially have completed my Associates here at Kendall College with a degree and all. I only have three more quarters left until I graduate with my Bachelors and I will be in the real world.

It is daunting to think that I will be done with Kendall in three quarters, but I am excited to see the next stage of my life. Honestly, I would not be graduating with a Bachelors from Kendall without the help of Kendall College Trust. They have given me this amazing opportunity to learn even more in my field and solidify what I want to do in my field. I have had some indecision about where I want to end up between cake decorating or in plated desserts in a restaurant.

Being given the opportunity to go through the Bachelors program has really helped me decide. I recently came back from my baking and pastry internship at a restaurant in the dessert section. I worked on the line making pastry products and plating the desserts as the orders came in. I had an amazing time, realizing this is what I wanted to do. The chef I worked under was amazing, and she created beautiful desserts. I can’t wait to see where I end up in the industry after I graduate from Kendall.

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