Xiaoyu Tian Fall 2019 Blog

by Xiaoyu Tian, November 27, 2019

I never expected that the second-semester internship would end abruptly when I thought it would start. Perhaps because of the first semester as a basis, time always slips away from my fingers when working with a group of friendly friends in a familiar environment. It also means that I am about to end all my study time at Kendall and start a new life in a real job.

There is no doubt that through this half-year internship in a bakery, I have become more aware of my love for baking and I am more convinced of my dedication to dreams. On the one hand, because of the large number of orders and work tasks that are done each day, I am more patient and calm to learn to arrange and handle life and work. On the other hand, because of the abundant work every day, it allows me to continuously practice in my professional technology, keep in touch with new things, and constantly make new progress. I feel like I have grown. Facts prove that practice makes perfect.

Of course, it is also important for me to meet a lovely group of people who are also passionate about baking and pastry during this experience. Although some of them have been doing the same thing day after day for almost 10 years, they still enjoy and love the work in the kitchen every day. This is what I admire the most. I also hope that I can always maintain my passion for baking and pastry like them, and then strive to make continuous progress in the professional field. Also, I was very lucky to meet my supervisor Bra, who was very patient and willing to share all his tips and thoughts on baking and pastry. And let me have a new understanding and eyes about the baking industry.

All these things need to be thanked for coming to Kendall and the Kendall College Trust for their help and support. Thank you for letting me meet my friends who have the same dream, they will be a precious asset my whole life. It is also because of Kendall and the Kendall College Trust that I will meet a new me, a me who has a dream and will overcome all difficulties to achieve it. I love me like this.

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