Natalie Sorensen Fall 2021 Blog

by Natalie Sorensen, December 22, 2021

Reflecting on this quarter has brought a great depth of new perspective and attained knowledge. Becoming an assistant chef’s professor has brought light to the importance of education and the multitude of different applications available. This quarter, I worked as a TA for Chef Ron and Chef Colleen for two sections of first block students. Assisting with technical skills, vocabulary, and theory was just the tip of the iceberg of my instruction. I had found a great deal of respect for my professors, and the many hats that they wear as instructors. Managing interpersonal issues, academic obstacles, and physical needs was a new found part that I hadn’t realized. The amount of time that my professors provide for the student body astounded me in the most inspirational way possible. After the close of this season, I have not only gained incredible experience, but also the knowledge of my intelligent chef professors.

While balancing being an assistant, I also had an abundance of highly interesting and informative classes. Flavor Theory, taught by Chef Campbell was my favorite course. Learning about molecular gastronomy brough such vision to the next steps on my life in a creative sense. The weekly lectures and labs he facilitated helped me create new recipes that I wouldn’t have thought of without a scientific approach. Flavor Theory delved into the depths of new techniques and ways of viewing the process of cookery. Over my time at Kendall, I have found this to be the most informative and intriguing course thus far.

While continuing my education and assistance, I have also been working on my private catering business, Chef Natalie Marie’s Catering. The focal point of this next stage of growth has been targeted towards working in conjunction with the latest culinary trends. Continuing my Instagram page has brought an abundance of new connections that I am extremely excited to explore further. During this holiday season, my focus has pivoted towards creating custom orders for my client base. I look forward to future updates, as life has had a lot in store for me as of late.

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