Shaniyah Mays Fall 2021 Blog

by Shaniyah Mays, December 10, 2021

This fall, I pushed my limits and expanded my horizons when it comes to flavors with my food. This quarter I took a class called Menu to Plate, and I really enjoyed it a lot. We created a restaurant concept with menus and ad sheets, and that really showed everyone’s different takes on food.

Having southern roots, I love to incorporate flavors from the south and make my food stand out from the rest. I used recipes passed down from generations, added my own modern-day spin on them, and made them my own. I still had some challenges in the class because it was difficult to come up with recipes off the top of my head with the few ingredients we had every week. But as the weeks went on, I got better at coming up with ideas that stayed within the concepts of the assignment that week. Every day I learned something new about the industry, and I love every bit of it.

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