Valentina Burgos Fall 2021 Blog

by Valentina Burgos, December 10, 2021

One more quarter is over, and I feel fortunate that I get to learn with the best professionals from our industry. This past quarter, I had great experiences. I got an opportunity to present a project as if I was in the shark tank, which was a fulfilling experience; I got multiple comments and feedback from classmates and my professor, which gave me key factors and many great tips.

On the other hand, I worked in the dining room, which gave me a better insight into high-quality service and all the standards and steps we need to follow for catering service, which is a big area in my concentration (event planning).

I genuinely believe that it is essential to learn the different areas of this industry to find the best vendors and the team that is perfect for our expectations.  I enjoy that Kendall is not just a school that cares about credits completed or grades but is interested in giving the students a real-life experience, so we are ready to provide the best of us when we graduate.

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