Jaden J. Kaufman Summer 2017 Blog

by Jaden J. Kaufman (Woongkyu Jang), September 11, 2017

This summer ’17 quarter made me a student who is developed. All classes of this quarter were very practical. The banquet class was one of my classes. It was very exciting but challenging experience, because student had to cook five course menu to real customer in fine dining at Kendall College. In order to provide the best result, further efforts were needed. Under Chef Thomas Masse’s instruction, we had a meeting to discuss all about today’s menu such as questions or variation to his recipes, special equipments, beautiful plating, and dietary restrictions. Chef Masse is excellent, menus are awesome and students have good team work. I really enjoyed this class. One more thing, once dessert course is served, we move in dining room to explain our foods at this time, they applaud us. This moment is the best part of class.

I really appreciate that I had such a great experience ever, and this class grew me into a more professional, skillful, and developed student. Also I am thankful to the Kendall College Trust organization for that allowed me to stay in knowledgeable place Kendall College. I came to learn about cooking. It was a difficult decision. But now I am here in Kendall College then I met the KCT. It is like a Pygmalion Effect. They support to me to keep studying as well as have expectation to me. So, I will not give up and I will say “Yes” to this question, Ready for the World?

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