Samir Shivlani Fall 2019 Blog

by Samir Shivlani, December 1, 2019

This was my last quarter of studies at Kendall College before going into my senior internship and the most relevant subjects I took are called the hospitality professional and revenue management. The hospitality professional course prepares well to get into the hotel industry by improving your personal business profile, they taught us about the relevance of LinkedIn for networking, cover letter, thank you letter, and resume focused in our industry.

Listening and having the chance to talk with hospitality industry leaders as we did during that course opened our minds to understand better how this industry really works. Having the chance to dialogue with The Langham’s Hotel Manager, Beatrix West Loop’s Restaurant Manager, Paramount Group Events Company CEO, Director of Revenue Management of Chicago area Hilton properties and Human Resources from the Rivers Casino enriched us students with a lot of knowledge to understand each sector they work in. At the revenue management class, I learned an overview of how hotels do to try to maximize their bottom line during low seasons and high seasons which is very interesting.

For my senior internship in January 2020, I am going to Miami, Florida which is a city full of tourism especially from Latin America and that’s excellent for the hotel industry. I’m aspiring to get a rotational internship to learn a bit of all the most important departments in a hotel property.

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