Emily Wooten Summer 2018 Blog

by Emily Wooten,  August 31, 2018

This is my last quarter at Kendall College and I will be leaving with a Culinary Bachelor’s degree with a Baking and Pastry concentration thanks to Kendall College Trust. This quarter, I am finishing out Capstone which is a big reason why I wanted to stay for a Bachelor’s degree. I wanted to learn the ins and outs of a business and how to start one, and I knew Capstone was the best way to do this. Even with all of the stress that comes with Capstone, it has been totally worth it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my team, learning how to write a business plan, how a hotel should operate, and all of the creativity that has come with it.

We are the only team doing a hotel and there are two restaurants inside our hotel. The hotel is Paradox Hotel with HopScotch speakeasy dessert bar and JinJi Tavola Italian/Korean fusion restaurant. It is very exciting to funnel all of my ideas with my teammates into this project. I am very thankful to Kendall College Trust for continuing to support me to this critical point at Kendall.

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