Trang Nguyen Fall 2016 Blog

by Trang Nguyen, December 27, 2016

It’s that time of the quarter again, that I get to sit down and write a little bit about my quarter. Entente, a new American restaurant just opened in Lakeview. One of my friends, a Kendall alumnus actually, helped to open the restaurant with Chef Brian Fisher. One Sunday, my friend asked me to come out and help do some prep at the restaurant. I was pretty excited because it’s a new restaurant and I’ve heard a lot about it from my friends since it opened. I got there and was given the task of peeling apples, a whole case of apple. After I got through with peeling, I had to go back and cut them all up. I nicked my finger once then; it wouldn’t stop bleeding for a good minute. It was for the apple butter that apparently goes on the pork belly dish. It’s too bad I couldn’t see the finished product. Once service started, my friend asked me to brunoise carrot and celery! Who knew people still brunoise vegetable these days. I was glad my knife skill wasn’t so bad at all.

Somehow I managed to cut myself again, though. I haven’t cut myself for the longest time, and the one time I went on a stage, I cut myself twice! It was pretty embarrassing. This stage has gotten me to start thinking about my future. I will be graduating soon, and I really want to find a good restaurant to work at, that I will be happy being there. Six more months, and I better have it figured out.

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