Priscila Alcantar Fall 2016 Blog

by Priscila Alcantar, December 20, 2016

This Fall ’16 quarter was my last on campus quarter at Kendall College. It is a bittersweet part but I know I will be back to visit the instructors that shaped my learning. During this quarter I was able to focus on my meeting management classes as I took 3 of them. This helped me strengthen my critical thinking skills when it comes to planning events. In The Special Events and Wedding class my group and I were able to create a Holiday Event Marketing plan and pitch our ideas to the owners of Celeste in Chicago. This was very exciting but challenging experience. It reminded me of why I decided to get into meeting and event planning. In terms of what is next for me; during the second week of January I will be in Nicaragua on internship working with a tour company and helping them organize tours and develop their non-profit organization. I am very excited for this internship as I will be able to use both of my concentration (MICE and Sustainable Management) while interning abroad. I will return from internship in April of 2017 and have plans to work as a leasing agent for a property management company here in Chicago. My desire to grow within the industry and gain more knowledge doesn’t stop. I plan to enroll towards getting my TEFL certification and study for the LEED GA exam later on in 2017. Kendall College has paved a great career start for me and I can’t wait to see where I’m headed next. Without the support of my family and Kendall College I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the many thigs I have done so far.

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