Randy McInnis Fall 2019 Blog


by Randy McInnis, November 24, 2019

Another semester of 2019 is gone.  It has been one of the most wonderful and interesting experiences among my friends and associates.  The knowledge I have gained in this quarter I am sure I will use it in my future endeavors.

First and foremost, I would like to say thanks to my lectures, professors, and the sanitary staff.  As I move forward to another semester, I am sure that I will have the confidence to take on any obstacles that is at hand.  Upon receiving my two scholarships, I have gained confidence in sharing my experience to people from my country and in the US of how intriguing an experience can be when attaining a scholarship.

I would like to highlight a specific class that has changed my perspective in the culinary field in taking Research and Development. I came up with a task to make an herbal jam.  I gained a total understanding of how to formulate and distribute a product which can have a big influence on your knowledge in the culinary field.  However, I would like to highlight the dedication and time Professor Popley and Professor Condon put into helping me accomplish half of my capstone project for 2019.

The scholarship has unburdened the financial aspects from my family, and I would like to thank Catherine De Orio in seeing me fit as a candidate to show others that they too can attain the scholarship through hard work and dedication.

In closing, I would like to thank my family and my soon to be wife in the motivation in aspiring my career as a professional chef.  In addition, I would continue to look towards helping the less fortunate and aiding high schoolers in creating an opportunity that can provide a better way for them in my country and in the US the best way I can.  I am Randy McInnis your future MasterChef from Jamaica, and I will show the world that cooking is something everyone can do.

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