Feeling Thankful

by Lindsay Perry, November 24, 2019

As my last semester of classes comes to an end, I wanted to take this time to thank individuals and groups who have shaped my experience at Kendall College.

  • Leigh Uhlir — Leigh was the first faculty member I was introduced to during an open house. At the time, I was undecided on whether or not to attend Kendall College. Leigh gave me the confidence I needed to enroll. She has been fully supportive of my future career goals, adjusting my curriculum with classes applicable to the research and development field. Above all, Leigh is a personable, kind-hearted individual who always went out of her way to ensure my time at Kendall was setting me up for success. Thank you, Leigh!
  • Chef Wook Kang — As my first chef instructor at Kendall College, Chef Kang taught me the fundamentals of professional cooking — everything from how to hold a knife properly to the discipline of cutting a perfect tourne. Most importantly, Chef Kang taught me how to be a better person in the kitchen, to not take things so seriously, and introduced me to my favorite sandwich, The Reuben. Thank you, Chef Kang, for always being in my corner as a mentor and comedian.
  • Chef Marianne Albovas — I’ve always had a sweet spot for baking. During my first quarter in an Introduction to Baking class, Chef Marianne asked me on multiple occasions, “are you SURE you’re not a baking student?” Her charming personality and fiery passion for baking pushed me to experiment more with baking at home, in classes, and in stages with Greg Wade from Publican Quality Bread and Erin Koroll from Cellar Door Provisions. At times when it feels like it’s culinary students vs. baking students, Chef Marianne always made me feel welcomed and gave me the confidence I needed to explore my baking side. Thank you, Chef Marianne!
  • Kendall College Trust — without the support from Kendall College Trust, I’d still be trudging through 17-hour days with very little energy to give to family, friends, and myself. You enriched my time at Kendall College by giving me the means to immerse myself in every learning opportunity and focus my energy where it truly matters. Thank you for listening to my story and for believing in me and my aspirations.

For those not mentioned above, please know you’ve played an undeniable role in my culinary education that does not go unmarked. I’m currently in the midst of interviewing for a variety of roles in the research and development industry, and cannot wait to share with you where I end up!

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