Martha Guerrero Blog Spring 2017

by Martha Guerrero, June 26, 2017

Kendall College has opened a lot of doors for me over the past year. One of those doors was a stage that I did recently which then turned into my internship. This stage was in a restaurant that is small and it is in the city. I was looking for places that did not have too many employees because I personally feel that if there are less employees, I would get more hands on learning experience, which is something that I really wanted.

Well, I was looking at different restaurant places for months until someone from Career Services told me about this small seafood restaurant called mfk. They were looking for willing-to-learn and hardworking students to come, stage and probably work for them. At first I was kind of skeptical since the other restaurants I have went to were not the type of place I wanted to work in, but on the day of my stage, the restaurant has given me a lot of insight on seafood.  Due to the fact that Career Services helped me find this place, I was offered a position after my stage there and I will now be doing my internship there as well.

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