Sharon Harms Spring 2017 Blog

by Sharon Harms, June 23, 2017

Back to Life and Back to Reality

After my exciting trip abroad I am now back to Kendall College studying full time for one more year- which started April! I sure have missed Kendall College but I will never forget the spectacular time that I had while living in Tasmania and Sydney, Australia! After hearing all of the important people in my life say that their biggest regret in college was not studying abroad I am so happy that I got to experience it firsthand! Since I have gotten back to Kendall I have kept my head in the books while also looking for a new job that would give me the experience that I look for in the hospitality field. I have since then gotten a part time job at the Fairmont Chicago- Millennium Park in their fantastic Gold Lounge! Since working there I have realized that I have chosen the right career path.

Receiving this KCT scholarship, I am able to work part time in order to focus on my studies and be part of the Honor Society here at Kendall College called Eta Sigma Delta! Therefore, I am very grateful for the opportunities that this scholarship has opened for me and the amount of time I now have to be a real part of my community while working and going to school.  After studying abroad I know that the opportunities are endless with this industry. Making moments into memories is what makes my role all the more interesting in every aspect of my life!

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