Maheen Sohail Spring 2021 Blog

by Maheen Sohail, August 4, 2021

It the little joys of food that bring us all together. Sadly, in the last year since covid hit, we have been unable to visit some of our favorite restaurants as frequently as we would. Whether it is coming together with our family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal or to dine out to enjoy the getaway that restaurants have to offer. We have all missed restaurants and restaurants have missed us. As an upcoming Chef, I feel it is highly important education for us as students to explore and dine at various restaurants to learn from them.

Fast forward to today, I was able to take my parents to my favorite place that takes me back home instantly. Sabri Nihari located 2502 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659 was a gem my friends and I found unexpectedly when we were exploring the area. It originally was consumed in the Mughal empire by the Nawabs (Kings) for breakfast after they performed their morning prayers. The word “Nihar” comes from the Arabic language which means morning.
Nihari has been my favorite dish from Pakistan, and I would wait for Sunday till my family, and I would gather around the table to enjoy the delicious smooth beef stew that is slow cooked overnight with balanced spices. As a cook it is very refreshing to see restaurants coming back as they once were, and I am feeling very positive that our restaurants will be able to recover very soon.

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