Hendy Hermawan Spring 2021 Blog

by Hendy Hermawan, August 3, 2021

This quarter has been a whirlwind it seems. I am currently on my internship and while getting more adjusted to it, have taken a few interests in more of the front of house especially bartending. This was when I decided to take the opportunity to start my very own home bar.

It first started out more as a daydream, a “what if” you could say and it dawned on me this huge challenge that lies ahead of me. What drinks would I even enjoy? and what bottles would I need to make this a reality and the logistics of the whole thing. I then thought to myself, what would be the bare minimum I would need? Tools wise, I knew I would at least need a shaker, a mixing glass, and a jigger to measure. So, I started forward with these items and got my hands on them.

The next step in this project was the liquors. I was fortunate enough to be gifted a nice bottle of whiskey and was the start of it all. The simplest drink I thought I could make right now is a nice Old-Fashioned and it really did feel like everything was coming together when I had that first sip. After that, slowly the pieces came one after the other and since then I have been enjoying the process along the way, learning all about the different categories of drinks and differences such as curacao and triple sec. My favorite liquors that I enjoy mixing with are bourbon and rum. If I could give a recommendation, I would say a Gold Rush is the drink to go. Easy to make with only 3 ingredients. It goes down easy and an absolute delight to taste.

Now, I enjoy making drinks for others, finding their favorites and trying out more new drinks too. I hope to be able to keep on tasting new cocktails and learning a little bit more about their origins and history. I really don’t know if this could branch out to be something more than just a bar at home, but even if it doesn’t, I am glad that I have started this journey and excited where else this could go.

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