Jefferson Rodriguez-Martinez Winter 2019 Blog

The End Of A Journey

by Jefferson Rodriguez-Martinez, March 24, 2019

Kendall College is a beautiful institution that enhances the passion of the student as they head to the real world. On the other hand, my journey at Kendall College has come to an end, yet I leave with plenty of knowledge and experiences to cherish. As I prepared myself for my last quarter practical, I clearly remember the first time I stepped into the kitchen at Kendall College.
My experience ever since I started my career at Kendall College has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

One of my favorite memories from this quarter has been being able to develop and plate my dessert in the Dining Room. In my dessert, I decided to reflect my culture and my love for the Baking and Pastry Industry. I decided to do a Tres leches de coco cake with Cream Chantelle, Horchata Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche and Coconut sabayon sauce. Additionally, my sweet amuse was a coconut Panna Cotta with rompope and an edible flower. My sweet amuse will go beforehand for the guest to taste and then they will receive my dessert. When developing my dessert and working in the dining room, I remember my internship experience. Having the opportunity to work with a James Beard Award Chef allowed me to plan my dessert as appealing as the taste for the guest.

Every experience I was exposed at Kendall College has allowed me to keep growing in the industry. There are many adventures and experience ahead of me as Joseph M. Marshall III said, “ Life’s a Circle. The end of a journey is the beginning of the next one.”

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