Ekaterina Martsul Fall 2016 Blog

by Ekaterina Martsul, December 8, 2016

After receiving my first scholarship I also received a huge portion of motivation to do my best academically as well as try to grow as a person.

I decided to go for Study Abroad program in Thailand. I think it is an amazing opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, change the surroundings, meet new people, learn new things and become more independent. I chose Thailand because I always admired this country for its hospitality and growing industries. I chose to study in a capital city – Bangkok, in a biggest university of Thailand, which is called Mahidol University.

I feel like this experience will be very beneficial for me. The program offers not only interesting courses to choose from, but also visits to religious and historical places of this fascinating country. In addition, I am planning to learn some Thai language while I will be in the country and get to know the lives of local people.  In my opinion, everybody should take the opportunity to travel and study in other places, especially in foreign countries. And I believe the old saying that one day in an unfamiliar city equals to 10 years at home. Receiving the KCT scholarship made me confident that I can accomplish more than I believed I can and made me more determined to follow my dreams.

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