Dominque Pyka Summer 2016 Blog

by Dominique Pyka, September 15, 2016

This summer quarter at Kendall College was quite different from the other quarters I have spent at Kendall so far, mostly because it was my first quarter taking full-time online classes, while most of my peers were out enjoying a summer off from classes, traveling or visiting family back home. Before receiving the KCT Premier Scholarship, I was actually considering taking the summer quarter off as well, however, with the intentions to take advantage of additional on campus employment in order to save up for the upcoming Fall quarter. On the downside, taking the summer off, would have delayed my anticipated graduation by one whole term, which I was trying to avoid by all means. I spent many hours puzzling around my future course plans, but no matter what I did, it seemed that I would have to accept a delayed graduation, and spend my summer working on campus, to be able to afford my future education.

On June 15th, however, I received an email from the Kendall College Trust, announcing that I had been selected as a recipient for the KCT Premier Scholarship, which would be effective for this summer quarter! This was an absolute life changer! The second I found out about the great news, I knew exactly what to do – I signed up for full-time classes, so that I would be back on track for my anticipated graduation!

Thanks to KCT, I was able to continue my education gapless throughout the summer and secure a timely graduation plan,  while also enjoying a beautiful Chicago summer.

When I was not busy with my online courses, I would go to many street fests, and there, I learned about a wonderful organization called “Sit, Stay, Read”,  a non-for profit Literacy Organization that helps young kids in Chicago Public Schools learn how to read with the help of Certified Reading Assistance dogs. I am currently in the application process of becoming an active volunteer for the organization, and I know if it was not for the KCT scholarship, I would not have had the opportunity to take classes and enjoy my summer and learning about this wonderful organization.

Thank you KCT for supporting me in my educational goals and allowing me to pursue some personal goals as well, and give back to the community!


Here is a picture of me and a Certified Reading Assistance dog of the Sit Stay Read Organization, who immediately stole my heart and convinced me to get involved!

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