Raissa Silva Correa Summer Blog Post

By Raissa Silva Correa, August 12, 2016

KCT scholarship has done much more than allowing me to extend my studies, to develop my capabilities, to grow personally and academically. It has been slowly and subtly been helping me define my career pathway. I would like to be able to tell current students in my region, Latin America, about the impacts and results studying at Kendall can make on our lives. I want to be a true ambassador, outside our walls here, spreading the word formally, with true examples of how Kendall can be transforming.

I come from a very traditional teacher centered school system. Coming to Kendall meant redefining what learning was all about, taking responsibility for the process, questioning, applying the knowledge, evaluating, improving, raising the bar! Kendall environment and staff built confidence, instilled commitment and trust that all is possible – just work hard towards it.

I honestly believe I owe Kendall that! I owe people that. And I am starting to build my plan to be able to actually work as a true bridge which may allow more people to enjoy this experience and be better individuals and professionals in today’s global market!

And, why not, take Kendall’s name over boundaries – a perfect win – win situation!

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