The Day I Found Myself…

by Bhakti Sharma, September 15, 2017

Missing person’s name: Bhakti Sharma; Striking Feature: Always talks about food.

Time of report: May 25, 2014; 4:10 PM

Last seen: Financial Office at Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, India.

Report filed by: Bhakti Sharma

Case report: A certain Miss Bhakti Sharma came to the police headquarters of Central India to file a missing person’s report. She reported that she had lost herself, and has been missing since May 25th, 2014 – the day she started working as an Assistant Restaurant Manager, putting aside her dream of becoming a chef. She is a resident of India and recent graduate with a Master’s degree in Economics. She was last seen in her office at the Jehan Numa Palace Hotel. A brief interrogation with her family and close friends revealed that Miss Sharma always wanted to be a chef. A thorough search of Miss Bhakti Sharma’s bedroom has revealed that she frantically reads recipe books by chefs of the ilk of Marco Pierre White, Gordan Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child, and Vikas Khanna. A draft of Miss Sharma’s own book was also found in her belongings, and comprised of what seemed like her versions of several recipes – Indian and Italian. Further interrogation with her younger brother revealed that she wished to have her own signature restaurant in Mumbai, India. Miss Sharma’s missing report is under investigation.

Case update: Miss Sharma found herself at the Kendall College of Culinary Arts in Chicago. She is on her way to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. The Kendall College Trust Scholarship has been an important element in her path to achieving her dream.

It is not often that one gets a chance to write their own missing person’s report! While being a complete work of fiction, there is a great deal of truth in it. Despite having a Masters in Economics and a job in the finance industry, I always wanted to attend a culinary school and pursue my dream of becoming a chef. I would catch myself “lost” in thoughts of working in a kitchen when I was the Assistant Manager at a heritage hotel in Central India. But, I truly “found myself” when I came to Kendall College! The excellent chef-instructors and an extensive curriculum here at Kendall have provided me the confidence and skills that I could not have achieved otherwise. However, moving to another country and living in one of the world’s costliest cities was not an easy task. Receiving the prestigious Kendall College Trust Scholarship allowed me to devote more hours in the kitchen and further hone my skills. I am certain that my progress in the kitchen has me steadfast on the path to becoming a respectable chef in the foreseeable future – and for this, I will be forever grateful to the Kendall College Trust.

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