Sokha Chen Fall 2017 Blog

by Sokha Chen, December 20, 2017

As a sophomore student, the Fall Quarter, 2017 was an amazing chapter to celebrate myself doing such a great job within distinct, interesting courses. Kendall College is where I have realized how big the hospitality industry is.  It has always granted me various opportunities to define my passions, and pursue an excellent degree within the hotel world. Furthermore, Kendall College is where I find myself as an authentic, empathetic, and impactful student in a rewarding profession, which is recognized internationally.

The Kendall College Trust has provided me with phenomenal, various opportunities to make commitments and put my best efforts forward in the hotel industry. It gives me chances to get involved with many activities, like the Fried Chicken and Champagne Fest, where I can deliver remarkable services to the guests who attend, and to assure that they enthusiastically want to join the next one. It is still a long way for me to think about graduation, but I truly enjoy all the courses I have taken.  They have created the essential elements which will help me meet my personal goals and aspirations. I am so happy for the Winter break, but also thrilled for the upcoming quarters.

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