Raissa Silva Correa Fall 2016 Blog

by Raissa Silva Correa, December 13, 2016

Writing about how this scholarship impacted my life would need a book.

First of all, it allowed me to take valuable quarters here which added a lot to my career path goal in International Business. Subjects were top quality, market driven, delivered by professors who had the perfect balance between academic knowledge as well as solid professional experience. I will pick, as an example, the Exploring International Business. The professor used very interesting techniques. First, the concepts were reinforced by updated instigating TED talks we had to watch and reflect upon. On top of that, we had experienced guest speakers who added color and reality to the concepts being discussed. These topics were then linked into our chosen country we had developed blogs about. In this study, we were led to understand each culture being studied and how it is compared to the chosen country. Also, what a global leader should be aware of to best perform in these scenarios.

Very enriching indeed – I have no words to thank KCT, from the bottom of my heart, for this life opportunity!

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