Brandy Freberg Fall 2016 Blog

by Brandy Freberg, December 12, 2016

As my first year at Kendall comes to a close, I look back on how far I have come, and I am thankful for the kind, supportive people who have given me the opportunity to grow in this program. Since I received a Kendall College Trust Scholarship, I have been all the more motivated to put forth better work in my classes, and become more involved in the Kendall Program. Having specific criteria to meet every quarter has also been a great challenge by pushing me to be a better student and cook.

I would have never considered writing a blog for school purposes, but after being invited to share how this scholarship has impacted me, I could not wait to tell my fellow students about how grateful I was to receive this honor. Of course this scholarship has been a financial easement, but it is also so much more. With this scholarship, I was able to try out for Knowledge Bowl and make the team, I have been granted the honor of becoming the newest Culinary Student Ambassador for Kendall, and I have been given the opportunity to meet amazing chefs from all over the city at our Kendall functions. This scholarship is more than its monetary value, it is a chance to be a better student and a better culinarian.

Kendall College Knowledge Bowl Team
We won! This year's team includes the team captain, Nikhil Bendre, Joshua Ludwig, Brandy Freberg, and Benton Givens, along with their coach, Chef Wook Kang, and assistant coach, Nelia Salvi.