Prabhshan Gandhi Spring 2020 Blog

by Prabhshan Gandhi, June 23, 2020

This year has been unlike any other.  We are living with circumstances that our generation has never experienced. In today’s society, online courses are widely used in colleges providing easy access to course materials, classroom discussions, and feedback to instructors, and we all have had a chance to experience at-least one online class over our time at college.

Online courses and activities may be accessed from any computer, whether it is from the University or from the comfort of your own home. This quarter, we took the classes on zoom which were meant to be taken on campus. I took four online courses this quarter and honestly, I have somewhat benefited from those classes because I had the opportunity to practice what I learned in class. Taking the mixology class really sparked my interest in cocktails that I barely had before. I know it would have been better to take it on campus but being at home it really helped me push the boundaries and try new things. I made my own cocktail bitters and creme de menthe at home and even created four of my very own cocktails recipes. (To check out my project go on my insta-blog @What_shan_eats)

Online learning environments can offer learners opportunities for flexibility, interaction, and collaboration distinctly different from face-to-face learning environments. However, educational technologies also present challenges and concerns in relation to our learning experience.

This quarter is my last before I get my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. My journey has been very interesting. I was there when Donald Trump became the President. I was there at a time of transition of Kendall College to National Louis Universities. And I was there when this pandemic knocked on our doors. So, I have seen the up’s and down’s- the worst and the best of times. But the only thing that matters in these circumstances is to go with the flow, be focused and remember your goals, to work towards them consistently.


Being consistent helped me get where I am. I set my goal to achieve the title of the Rising Star Chef of 2020 and become the valedictorian of 2020 almost two years ago. And guess what I bagged both of them. So, never lose hope and never complain. Finish what you started doing and don’t take the easy road. Go through the challenges of life right now to prepare your-self for the difficult times. Because if you do that now, the future will create a smooth path for you to walk on.

As this is my last blog post, I would like to thank my Chef’s and Professors for granting me the best knowledge and sharing their experiences. And also thank the amazing people I have had the opportunity meet and build a lifelong friendship. And of-course the Kendall College Trust board, thank you for believing in me to be worthy of this Scholarship. I hope I lived up to your expectations. I have enjoyed my days at college and created many beautiful memories which I will cherish my whole life.

Stay Safe! Stay Humble!

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