Omar Rivera Spring 2017 Blog

by Omar Rivera, July 5, 2017

Success doesn’t come easy you have to work for it to earn it. When I was looking to continue my schooling, I wasn’t even thinking of Kendall College. In fact, the school never came to mind until I was riding a bus one day from work one late evening. I scheduled a visit at the school and I was blown away with the academics being offered and the diversity it had at campus. I knew what I wanted and I was ready for the change. That year was very tough for me as I had to struggle with a boss that was not willing to work with me schedule wise. I managed to go part-time and ensure that my career started it track.


One thing I learn from this was patience. I knew that time would come that I will be able to get a job where they would work with my school schedule and still be able to work full time. I started to gain the respect of my peers at school as well as my instructors. One instructor that really raised the bar high on me was Professor Emerich. Her passion for hospitality was something that could have seen in every word that came out of her mouth. I knew then that the sacrifice will pay off. I ensure to grasp all the knowledge needed to be better person. The following semester I was falling short on my finances. I was not working full time so all the money that I had saved was all gone on tuition, rent, bills and other payments.


When I heard, there was a Kendall College Trust Scholarship being offered I was so happy to know that there was hope. I applied for the scholarship and was granted it. This scholarship save me not to drop out of school. I was on the blink of saying goodbye to all my friends and instructors. Not having the financial support and being able to qualify for financial aid at the time due to my immigration status was very hard. That did not stop to apply there was one thing I learn from grandma is that you should never be a quitter. There will be always means and ways to be successful.


This scholarship has helped me to meet some of the finances to continue. I’m presently working for the biggest Residence Inn in the world. Starting my leadership in motion for Supervisor gives me great gusto to know that my dream is starting to pay off. This scholarship has helped me to continue the journey that I thought was coming to a close. Now with 3 quarters away from graduation I’m looking forward to be the change and be able to contribute back to my school. Kendall College has indeed Prepared me for the World, and I’m so ready to embrace all the changes that’s coming my way.

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