Nia Esparza Fall 2021 Blog

by Nia Esparza, November 26, 2021

Growing up in a small town I was never awarded the opportunity to work any kind of large events in the food and beverage industry. Moving to Chicago in September of 2019 that was the one thing I was the most excited about doing other than going to my dream school Kendall of course! As everyone knows soon after that our world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic where everything was shut down and the world pretty much went on lockdown. There went my excitement to work large scale events. As things got better and worse and then better again, large events were allowed to happen again, and I finally got to work my first large scale event with the bakery I work at (Cloud Cookie) and it was… Lollapalooza!

Not only did I get to go to an event I have always wanted to go to, but I got to work a large-scale event doing what I love! Going into the event I had no idea what it took to be a part of something like this but it was long early mornings and late nights between the bakery baking the cookies, making our cookie pops, preparing everything else, and at Lollapalooza setting up the booth and selling our products all while having some fun! Not only was this an amazing event to be a part of but it also was a huge learning experience that not many people get to be a part of, and I am so grateful I was given that as an opportunity.

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