Quan Huynh FA20 Blog

by Quan Huynh, December 9, 2020

2020 was a year of enthusiasm and full of preparation for my school and career plans. My first success was to receive one of the best scholarships in my life – Kendall College Trust Scholarship – which has helped me significantly in this Fall quarter, and it will continue to support my journey to graduation for my bachelor’s degree in F&B major. I had three more quarters and two internships to accomplish prior to my graduation, my plan was to go for my first internship in the summer, finish three quarters in school, take the last internship in the next summer, excitedly get ready to step into the real-life business world and serve in the hospitality industry.

My plan was well thought, but not fully supported by nature, as our world got hit with a pandemic that shut everything down helplessly. I have still been seeing my professors and my classmates online since the beginning of the year. I have not yet begun my first essay writers internship due to the serious impact on the hospitality industry from the pandemic. My plan is perhaps now stretched to another year to graduation.

A little sad about this whole thing, but I guess everything happens for a good reason. Maybe just as much as I love Kendall, I am staying just a little longer than expected with this great school.

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