Merrilie Daluz Fall 2017 Blog


by Merrilie Daluz, December 11, 2017

My name is Merrilie Daluz. I’m French but have lived in different countries such as Portugal for 7 years, 1 year in Spain as well as a few months in Brazil. But when I landed in Chicago, I had no idea how things would turn out but I was confident and knew that this new chapter would be good. On my first days at Kendall, I realized that this school was a lot different than the other schools that I had been to. Like a small family, Kendall College makes you travel on a daily basis because of the variety of backgrounds from the students.

Kendall College gave me as well, many different opportunities to pursue my dream. I had the chance to get involved on campus as well as being rewarded with the Kendall College Trust Scholarship. I’m almost at the end of my studies and I wanted to thank the KCT for the scholarship they gave me to help me achieve one of my biggest dreams.

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