Meghan Groenhagen Summer 2018 Blog

By Meghan Groenhagen, September 19, 2018

This past spring, I had my first opportunity to stage at A10 of Hyde Park, Chicago under executive chef, James Martin.  The tasks I did were simple, I made focaccia and brioche dough, cut vegetables, and assisted with making family meals.

I helped plate for a sixteen-person private dinner party; the rush of adrenaline I felt when following the sous chef stimulated something inside of me.  My hands were shaky, and I was by far the slowest of everyone, but I remember being so in love and obsessed with that moment.

During service, I found myself mesmerized watching the line cooks working together as the executive chef fired orders.  It was by far the most inspiring thing I have ever seen.  They never lost focus or control as they put out plates in the 90-degree kitchen.  I watched them communicate with very few words, they had each other’s backs, when one would fall slightly behind, someone else was there to pick them back up. This stage made me realize that this is the type of restaurant I want to work in, and eventually own someday.  It was small, it didn’t have a Michelin Star, or have the newest equipment, but it did have a hard-working team that cared about the food they were putting out and the success of each other.  This experience offered me a moment of clarity; what I want is simple.  I want to work with good people, and make delicious food every day.

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