Madeline Barry Summer 2019 Blog

by Madeline Barry, August 26, 2019

This summer quarter has been intense but has given me a direction on where I want to go next. With my final block of classes coming up, internships are on the mind. We are constantly asked where we want to go and what area we would like to specialize in. With so many options, the answer has been unknown. While I am still on the search, this summer’s courses have shown me I want to work with cakes and wedding cakes.

I learned many new techniques that will help me walk further down my career path. We started with learning how to crumb coat and apply fondant to cakes. We made it to designing and decorating a four-tiered wedding cake in only twelve days. Without knowing what gum paste even was before the course, we learned to make eight types of flowers on traditional wedding cakes. This included a trip to the school garden to learn about a variety of flowers. We learned a handful of borders like pearl and shell, in addition to piping techniques which assisted in our own final creation. I am inspired and excited to see what the future holds next! I wouldn’t be on this educational journey without the assistance of the Kendall College Trust and the Kendall Community!

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