Lisa Alvarado Winter 2017 Blog

by Lisa Alvarado, March 22, 2017

Being at Kendall for 2 years, plenty of opportunities have arisen in the time I’ve been here. Whether it is finding a job at the career fair, networking with industry leaders, or making life-long friends and connections, the opportunities are endless. As I near the end of my time at Kendall, I have reflected on my experiences and how they have shaped me personally and career-wise. Since I only have a couple of quarters left, I have been thinking about my internship and what I hope to do afterwards. Once internship is over, my career officially begins.

As I think of where I want to do my internship, I am aiming on doing a manager in training program for the Boka Restaurant Group since I am already working for one of their restaurants. I believe this opportunity would allow me to learn even more and gain experiences I’ve never had before in my short career as a student. Thinking about these future plans excite me for what I know I can accomplish with the help and support from those around me including family, friends, donors, current managers, and mentors.

Once I’m officially finished with my classes at Kendall, I am hoping and planning for an assistant manager or even manager position at one of the Boka restaurants. Another option I would like is being part of the corporate group and working with their financials since I love working with numbers and accounting. With the education I’ve had at Kendall and the connections I’ve made, the world is at my fingertips, and I will have to choose what I want to do with the tools I have acquired from school and work experiences.

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