Kadisha Mukhamejanova Summer 2017 Blog

By Kadisha Mukhamejanova, September 24, 2017

This summer was the first summer that I’ve spent in Chicago in 3 years, and it was amazing! I had my internship at Chocolate Uplift, which has brought so many meaningful memories to remember. First was, visiting a high school at South side of Chicago to volunteer and help student gardeners with their project. In fact, it was a way for me to give all the good of this year back to the world. I found it fascinating to be involved in such activity, to exchange experiences and talk to high schoolers about their dreams and goals.

The second memorable activity I did was attending the Women of Influence Networking Event. Actually, it was my very first networking event outside of Kendall College. I met so many successful and motivated women in business and had a chance to chat with them and make valuable connections!


And last but not least, I went to a real chocolate factory during my internship at Chocolate Uplift! It was an amazing trip to South Bend, where the Violet Sky bean-to-bar, sustainable and pure chocolate is made. Maybe, I’ll open my own chocolate factory one day, who knows how this experience will affect my future, right? It is all about connecting the dots looking backwards, as Steve Jobs once said.

2017 was a great year for me, thanks to KCT. Looking back, I can tell that I’ve changed and grown up a lot, with a huge bag of valuable experience and memories. My next goal is to graduate from Kendall College and proudly walk the stage in June of 2018. But first, Capstone!

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